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Brook screenshot


Github Stars 1
Last Commit Sep 22, 2022

A Minimalistic Eleventy Blogging Theme

Hugo Liftoff screenshot

Hugo Liftoff

Github Stars 6
Last Commit Sep 13, 2022

A customizable, SEO-optimized blog and portfolio theme with a modern design.

Remix screenshot


Github Stars 16
Last Commit Aug 16, 2022

A landing page theme for Hugo, fully editable with Netlify CMS

Osprey Delight screenshot

Osprey Delight

Github Stars 44
Last Commit May 1, 2022

Modular and fast theme perfectly suited for showing your work. Built with hugo-mods.

H2O-ac screenshot


Github Stars 6
Last Commit Sep 2, 2022

A jekyll theme for academic researchers and system maintainers!

Hydrogen Jekyll screenshot

Hydrogen Jekyll

Github Stars 63
Last Commit Feb 8, 2022

A Lightweight and Concise Jekyll theme For You.

Forever Jekyll screenshot

Forever Jekyll

Github Stars 47
Last Commit May 5, 2022

Forever Jekyll is a simple, elegant & full featured Jekyll theme.

11straps screenshot


Github Stars 84
Last Commit Aug 18, 2022

A Eleventy + Bootstrap 5 starter kit.

Bajawa screenshot


Github Stars 4
Last Commit Jan 25, 2022

A minimalist, simple, and lightweight jekyll theme for blogger and writer with a touch of …

Hugo Curious screenshot

Hugo Curious

Github Stars 19
Last Commit Dec 25, 2021

A modern and full-featured Hugo theme for personal blog. Blogs, Notes, Projects, Contact …

Doks screenshot


Github Stars 1238
Last Commit Jul 13, 2022

Doks is a Hugo theme helping you build modern documentation websites that are secure, …

Moonwalk screenshot


Github Stars 183
Last Commit Sep 21, 2022

Moonwalk is a lightweight, fast and elegant Jekyll theme with a clean dark mode; perfect …

Commerce.js Vue.js Boilerplate screenshot

Commerce.js Vue.js Boilerplate

Github Stars 43
Last Commit Nov 24, 2021

Commerce.js boilerplate built with Vue.js, for fast eCommerce development and design.

Web-Nary screenshot


An Hexo Template you ever wanted. This theme is perfect for Starting an Blog, open online …

dark-poole screenshot


Github Stars 91
Last Commit Oct 8, 2020

Dark Poole is a permanent dark theme of the Poole theme by @mdo.

Foundation screenshot


Github Stars 251
Last Commit Apr 24, 2022

A starter to launch your blazing fast personal website and a blog, Built with Gatsby and …