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Hugo Liftoff

A customizable, SEO-optimized blog and portfolio theme with a modern design.

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Hugo Liftoff

Hugo Liftoff is a customizable, SEO-optimized blog and portfolio theme for Hugo with a modern design. An ideal choice for technical users jump-starting a personal brand, portfolio, or dev blog.


The documentation is hosted on this repo’s Github Wiki.

  • If you’re ready to install and play around with the theme, see Getting Started.
  • For details on config settings and site params, see Config & Params.
  • To start creating content and learning about front matter options, see Content & Front Matter.
  • For info on shortcodes, see Shortcodes.
  • Lastly, to explore the theme’s Netlify features, see Netlify.

Current Features

Below are the current features of this theme. Features labeled optional can be enabled or disabled in config. Features labeled frontmatter can be enabled or disabled in frontmatter.


  • Custom headers / redirects with Netlify (optional)
  • Netlify CMS integration with an example config and support for Hugo’s built-in shortcodes (optional)
  • Netlify Identity script in head for Netlify CMS auth with git-gateway (optional)
  • Netlify functions support (optional)
  • Netlify forms support for newsletter opt-in and contact page (optional)
  • Sample netlify.toml file for streamlined deployment

3rd Party

  • Google Analytics v4 or Universal Analytics (optional)
  • Google Tag Manager as an alternative to GA (optional)
  • Disqus comments (optional)
  • Disable comments on a per-page basis (optional) (frontmatter)


  • Newsletter opt-in with Netlify Forms support (optional) (frontmatter)
  • Global newsletter opt-in (optional)
  • Customizable newsletter header, description and CTA text (optional)
  • Override global newsletter on a per-page basis (optional) (frontmatter)
  • Newsletter enable or disable for posts (frontmatter)


  • Native Twitter, Github, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn and email social links with SVG (optional)
  • Enable or disable social links in footer, homepage hero, and about page (optional)
  • Enable or disable individual social links (optional)
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit and email social share icons with SVG for posts (optional)
  • Enable or disable individual social share icons (optional)


  • Customized Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and templates
  • RSS feed that excludes any pages outside of the posts section
  • Customizable title and SEO title tags or use title for both (frontmatter)
  • Customizable summary and meta description or use description for both (frontmatter)
  • Custom author meta tag (optional) (frontmatter)
  • Custom title tags and meta descriptions for every page (optional) (frontmatter)
  • robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  • Disable search engine crawling (optional)

Series / Subsections

  • Series taxonomy support that lists other posts in a series on a post’s single page (optional)
  • Next/prev in section (or series for posts belonging to a series) links after post content
  • Subsection support for posts with custom permalinks for clean SEO URLs (optional)
  • Cards that link to post subsections after the hero section of the homepage if any exist
  • Mobile-responsive, collapsable JS menu with automatic submenu support based on menu config

Posts & Projects

  • Toggle-able table of contents for posts (frontmatter)
  • Related posts (frontmatter)
  • Social share icons for posts (frontmatter)
  • Reading time and word count for posts
  • Last modified dates for posts (optional)
  • Customizable live URL, source URL and tech stack details for projects (frontmatter)
  • Project type taxonomy for categorizing projects
  • Custom featured project on homepage (optional)

Code snippets

  • Syntax highlighting
  • One-click copy button and language indicator for code snippets


  • Add custom CSS / JS in assets
  • CSS and JS minification
  • Frontend build pipeline with ESBuild and ToCSS
  • PostCSS processing (optional)
  • npm completely optional unless using PostCSS / Autoprefixer or Netlify functions


  • Image processing with Hugo resources
  • Feature images for posts and projects from assets or page bundle (frontmatter)
  • Custom homepage hero avatar image (optional)
  • Enable/disable favicons (optional)

Other Content

  • Additional markdown footer text (optional)
  • Add a label to drafts in development (optional)
  • Responsive support for common markdown styles like tables
  • About page with social links (optional if override homepage)
  • Contact page with Netlify Forms support (optional)

Hugo Defaults

  • Example config.toml with the majority of Hugo defaults included for easy customization
  • Override config settings based on Hugo environment

Planned Features

The following features are planned for a future release.

  • Customizable color scheme via Sass variables
  • Light and dark mode toggle via Sass variables
  • Real-time site search
  • Image galleries for projects
  • i18n support
  • Additional advanced Google structured data schemas
  • Custom shortcodes
  • Thumbnails for posts on list pages
  • Netlify CMS config file editing

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