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J1 Template Starter screenshot

J1 Template Starter

Github Stars 7
Last Commit Feb 4, 2022

J1 Template - Create powerful modern static websites.

Andromeda Light screenshot

Andromeda Light

Github Stars 31
Last Commit Feb 15, 2022

Andromeda-light is a clean and modern Hugo SAAS Software theme. It perfectly fits any kind …

Educenter screenshot


Github Stars 146
Last Commit Feb 15, 2022

Educenter is an educational website template powered by Hugo. It can be used as an online …

11straps screenshot


Github Stars 59
Last Commit Feb 9, 2022

A Eleventy + Bootstrap 5 starter kit.

Hugo Landing Page screenshot

Hugo Landing Page

Github Stars 37
Last Commit Nov 28, 2021

A simple landing page built with Hugo and Tailwind CSS.

11ty Landing Page screenshot

11ty Landing Page

Github Stars 48
Last Commit Jul 13, 2021

A simple landing page built with 11ty and Tailwind CSS.

Sapper Kontent Café screenshot

Sapper Kontent Café

Github Stars 2
Last Commit Sep 24, 2020

Website showcase for fictional café with Svelte, Sapper, and Kentico Kontent.

Gridsome Kontent Dancing Goat screenshot

Gridsome Kontent Dancing Goat

Github Stars 2
Last Commit Apr 1, 2020

Gridsome implementation of the Dancing Goat Starter site.

Yet Another Theme (YAT) screenshot

Yet Another Theme (YAT)

Github Stars 345
Last Commit Feb 8, 2022

🎨 Yet another theme for elegant writers with modern flat style.

Restaurant screenshot


Github Stars 36
Last Commit Feb 15, 2022

Features Open Graph meta tag Twitter card meta tag Google analytics support Netlify …

Hargo screenshot


Github Stars 76
Last Commit Feb 15, 2022

Hargo is an E-commerce theme powered by Hugo and Snipcart. It's fully functional, users …

Omega screenshot


Github Stars 19
Last Commit Feb 15, 2022

Omega is a landing page business template powered by Hugo.