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Headless Neve

The fastest way to export your Wordpress(v5.7& Neve theme v2.10.2) site as a static site.

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Last Commit Mar 29, 2021

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Wenzhi Li
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  • Pages and Posts staticalization
  • Images and Styles Grabing to local project
  • Configurable Wordpress site URL


  • few javascripts included currently


  • add more js
  • more test

How to use

  • Create a WordPress(v5.7+) site
  • Install Neve theme(v2.10.2+)
  • Setting Wordpress Permalink Settings with Numeric format !!
  • Install WPGraphql plugin
  • Clone this repo and install dependecies
  • Create .env.local by copy .env.local.example
  • Replace WORDPRESS_URL value with your own wordpress url
  • Run yarn dev to start buiding you static wordpress site
  • Visit http://localhost:3000
% cd ~/web/next-projects
% git clone my-static-wpsite
% cd my-static-wpsite
% yarn
% cp .env.local.example .env.local
% yarn dev

Deploy your own

  • push your local project to github
  • create a vercel account
  • connect this repo from github to your vercel project
  • add environment varialble WORDPRESS_URL in your vercel project
  • start deploy


  • wordpress
  • neve
  • wpgraphql
  • got
  • cheerio

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