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Twenty Twenty screenshot

Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty Hugo is forked from WordPress Twenty Twenty theme. It's fully functional …

Educenter screenshot


Github Stars 184
Last Commit Jul 20, 2023

Educenter is an educational website template powered by Hugo. It can be used as an online …

Congo screenshot


Github Stars 852
Last Commit Jul 13, 2023

A powerful, lightweight theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.

Tufte screenshot


Github Stars 89
Last Commit Apr 20, 2023

Content centric Hugo blogging theme styled with Tufte-css.

Bootstrap Theme screenshot

Bootstrap Theme

Github Stars 401
Last Commit Jul 28, 2023

An extreme fast, responsive and feature-rich blog theme for Hugo.

Blist screenshot


Github Stars 279
Last Commit Jan 9, 2023

Blist is a clean and fast blog theme for your Hugo site.

Hugo Curious screenshot

Hugo Curious

Github Stars 22
Last Commit Dec 25, 2021

A modern and full-featured Hugo theme for personal blog. Blogs, Notes, Projects, Contact …

Hugo Landing Page screenshot

Hugo Landing Page

Github Stars 89
Last Commit Nov 28, 2021

A simple landing page built with Hugo and Tailwind CSS.

Ticky Tacky Dark screenshot

Ticky Tacky Dark

Github Stars 7
Last Commit Nov 11, 2022

Ticky Tacky Dark's front page is a set of little boxes, all the same, containing pictures …

AutoPhugo screenshot


Github Stars 77
Last Commit Apr 10, 2023

Image gallery/photoblog theme for Hugo.

uBlogger screenshot


Github Stars 247
Last Commit Sep 14, 2021

Content readability and seo optimization, that's what the topic prioritizes.

Eureka screenshot


Github Stars 841
Last Commit Jul 23, 2022

Eureka is a feature-rich and highly customizable Hugo theme.

Hugo Connectome Theme screenshot

Hugo Connectome Theme

Github Stars 32
Last Commit Aug 11, 2023

A Hugo theme for online community notes with backlinks and graph of connected notes.

Hugo-profile screenshot


Github Stars 425
Last Commit Aug 8, 2023

The fastest Hugo theme for personal portfolio and blog.

Hugo Serif screenshot

Hugo Serif

Github Stars 391
Last Commit Jun 15, 2023

Serif is a modern business theme for Hugo. It contains content types for the archetypical …

Clarity screenshot


Github Stars 515
Last Commit Apr 11, 2023

A technology-minded theme for Hugo based on VMware's open-source Clarity Design System …

Lines screenshot


Github Stars 71
Last Commit Jul 31, 2022

Minimalistic and clean Hugo blogging theme.

Hugo starter Kaldi screenshot

Hugo starter Kaldi

A Hugo boilerplate for creating a blog site