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Hugo Serif

Serif is a modern business theme for Hugo. It contains content types for the archetypical business website. The theme is fully responsive, blazing fast and artfully illustrated.

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Last Commit Nov 26, 2023

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Robert Austin


Hugo Hugo
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Use Stackbit to deploy this theme and connect any headless CMS (Forestry, NetlifyCMS, Sanity, Contentful, DatoCMS) - It’s actually really amazing. This theme contains a valid and tested stackbit.yaml

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Use Netlify to deploy this theme. This theme contains a valid and tested netlify.toml - Feel free to use the 1-click deploy below.

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Theme features

  • SCSS (Hugo Pipelines)
  • Responsive design
  • Bootstrap 4.4 grid and media queries only
  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse speed score
  • Under 50KB without images or 80KB with images and illustrations ⚡
  • No jQuery, only a tiny bit of vanilla Javascript for the mobile menu.
  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse SEO score
  • Google analytics configured in config.toml
  • Semantic HTML document structure
  • Robust example content included
  • Royalty free illustrations included
  • No hardcoded content in the layouts

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Hugo Hugo