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Seven screenshot


Github Stars 129
Last Commit Jun 28, 2021

Eleventy template using Bootstrap, Sass, Webpack, Vue.js powered search, includes lots of …

Eleventy Starter Ghost screenshot

Eleventy Starter Ghost

Github Stars 329
Last Commit Aug 3, 2023

A starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy

Eleventy Minimal Blog screenshot

Eleventy Minimal Blog

Github Stars 92
Last Commit Oct 4, 2021

A blog template using eleventy

Eleventy Hylia screenshot

Eleventy Hylia

Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit to help you to create your own blog or …

Skeleventy screenshot


Github Stars 372
Last Commit Feb 19, 2021

A skeleton boilerplate built with Eleventy.

Twenty Twentyone screenshot

Twenty Twentyone

Github Stars 5
Last Commit Feb 2, 2021

This is a simple little blog with support for writing math

Eleventy 2 Snipcart screenshot

Eleventy 2 Snipcart

Github Stars 34
Last Commit Feb 25, 2019

A demo app built with JavaScript SSG 11ty

Medium Export screenshot

Medium Export

Github Stars 42
Last Commit Jan 31, 2019

A demo of generating an JAMstack site from an RSS feed

Eleventy NetlifyCMS Boilerplate screenshot

Eleventy NetlifyCMS Boilerplate

Github Stars 499
Last Commit Feb 8, 2023

A boilerplate for building a simple website with the Eleventy static site generator

Eleventyone screenshot


Github Stars 463
Last Commit Jan 18, 2021

A scaffold for a quick start building with the Eleventy SSG

Eleventy Base Blog screenshot

Eleventy Base Blog

Github Stars 1022
Last Commit Apr 19, 2023

A starter repository for a blog web site using the Eleventy static site generator.

Hawksworth screenshot


Github Stars 113
Last Commit Jul 5, 2023

My blog site, powered by Eleventy and Netlify