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A powerful Hugo theme to build great documentation sites. Backed by Google inc.

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  • Multiple page layouts: Navigation, page menus, headers, landing pages, blog snippets, feedback links - you just provide the content.
  • Autogenerated navigation: Organize your docs in logical folders and get instantly updated navigation to help your users find them.
  • Language switchers: Builds on Hugo’s multi-language support to make it easy to create a site in multiple languages.
  • Feedback, contribution, and contact links: Let your users file issues and edit docs with a single click, or follow contact links to join you on Slack, Twitter, or mailing lists.
  • Custom shortcodes: Reusable snippets of HTML you can use to create alerts, image boxes, landing page blocks, and more.
  • Easy customization: Use the theme as-is for a basic, clean design, or update a file or two to get your own look.
  • Internal search
  • Easily print entire sections of documentation
  • Contact form with Fabform

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