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Stylish and feature-rich theme for Jekyll

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The goal of Antarctica is evolving to an elegant and feature-rich theme across platforms.

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  • Fully responsive layout achieves best visual on different screens
  • Flexible widgets provide extensible functionality
  • Integrated NerdFonts with 3000+ icons
  • Automatic sitemap generation with Jekyll Sitemap
  • Configuration-free search engine optimization with Jekyll Seo Tag
  • Reduced JavaScript usage to accelerate loading. No external js file for main frame (Some widgets require external JavaScript).


There are three ways to install:


Customizable options are under _config.yml. Coments inside will help you to edit them.


FeaturePlanned Version
Scrollable widget bar0.2
Bottom nav popup expansion0.2
Comment widget improvement0.2
Related sites widget0.2
Related sites widget0.2
Arcylic color scheme0.3

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