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Content centric Hugo blogging theme styled with Tufte-css.

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Tufte Hugo Theme

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Hugo-Tufte is a minimalist blog-like theme for the static site generator Hugo that attempts to be a faithful implementation of the Tufte-css project. It supports mathematical typesetting via katex. By utilizing copious partial templates the theme is largely customizable.

State of Project

This is a fork of the original hugo-tufte.



Katex renders LaTeX written inside of markdown files. LaTeX can be written more or less as normal. Some examples:

  • This $ \frac{1}{2} $ will be rendered inline.
  • A simple displayed equation: $$f(x, y) := e^{x^2 - y^2}.$$

There currently seems to be some weirdness with other environments, such as the aligned environment (align* is not supported by katex). These environments will render provided they are wrapped in <p> tags and blank lines. The snippet below should render correctly.

Let $G$ be a finite group with exponent $2$.  Then every element is
an involution, hence for any $x$, $y$ in $G$ we have:

  e &= (xy)^2  \\
  &=xyxy \implies \\
  y^{-1} &= xyx \implies \\
  y^{-1}x^{-1} &= xy,

establishing that $G$ is abelian.

Site Parameters

The site specific parameters that this theme recognizes are:

  • subtitle string: This is displayed under the main title.
  • showPoweredBy boolean: if true, display a shoutout to Hugo and this theme.
  • copyrightHolder string: Inserts the value in the default copyright notice.
  • copyright string: Custom copyright notice.

Page Parameters

  • hideDate boolean: if true, do not display a page date. When meta is set to true, hideDate takes greater precedence.
  • hideReadTime boolean: if true, do not display the page’s reading time estimate. When meta is set to true, hideReadTime takes greater precedence.
  • math boolean: if true, try to render the page’s LaTeX code using MatheJax.
  • meta boolean: if true, display page metadata such as author, date, categories provided these page parameters exist and are not overridden. Content in the /post directory, (i.e., pages of type “post”) ignore this parameter.
  • toc boolean: if true, display the table of contents for the page.


This theme provides the following shortcodes in an attempt to completely support all the features present in the Tufte-css project.

  • blockquote
  • div
  • epigraph
  • marginnote
  • section
  • sidenote

See the repo for more

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