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Memoirs Statiq Kontent Theme

Full featured theme for Kontent and Statiq using Kontent.Statiq module.

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Last Commit Dec 7, 2023

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Memoirs Statiq Kontent Theme screenshot

Memoirs Statiq Kontent Theme

This is a full featured theme for Kontent and Statiq using Kontent.Statiq.


  • Posts & Pages with
    • Quotes, Spoilers (blurring)
    • GitHub Gists
    • Code snippets with Prism.js
    • Related pages
    • Taxonomy : Tags and Categories
    • Ratings
    • Contact form using Formspree
    • Comments with Disqus
    • Table of contents generated from HTML TODO
  • SEO support: open graph & twitter cards
  • Google Analytics
  • Search with pre-compiled Lunr index
  • Atom and RSS feeds
  • HTML minification with NUglify

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