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Eleventy + Stylus Blog Theme - Purple

A nice-looking, mobile-first and dark theme friendly blog theme built with Eleventy SSG and Stylus Preprocessor

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Eleventy + Stylus Blog Theme - Purple screenshot

Eleventy + Stylus Blog theme

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A theme repository that contains a blog built with Eleventy and Stylus


  • 100% Lighthouse scores
  • Toggleable dark theme (PS. theme preference is also stored in localStorage)
  • Tags as taxonomy
  • Stylus CSS preprocessor
  • Integrated with Eleventy’s official navigation plugin
  • Also generates Atom RSS Feed with Eleventy’s official RSS plugin
  • Sitemap generation
  • Non-post pages support (eg. About page, Contact page)
  • Modular type scale implemented in with Stylus


Deploy this template to your own site

Get your site up and running with a few clicks

Prerequisites for local development

Node.js 8 or above

Yarn package manager

Getting started locally

  1. Clone this repo
git clone my-blog
  1. Navigate to the blog directory
cd my-blog
  1. Install dependencies with yarn
  1. Edit _data/site.js according to your site preferences

  2. Also optionally modify stylus/abstracts/variables.styl according to your preference

To watch for changes in Eleventy and Stylus, use yarn dev

To build without watching for changes, use yarn build

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