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Garth screenshot


Github Stars 124
Last Commit Nov 22, 2020

🥁 A really basic theme for Jekyll

Simpol Theme screenshot

Simpol Theme

Github Stars 16
Last Commit Oct 9, 2017

Simpol Theme is a clean, minimal website theme all about the writing, the content. …

Onassis screenshot


Github Stars 24
Last Commit Jul 15, 2021

The Onassis Theme for Jekyll

The Interesting Times screenshot

The Interesting Times

Github Stars 57
Last Commit Oct 17, 2023

The Interesting Times Theme for Jekyll

Milo Bootstrap screenshot

Milo Bootstrap

Github Stars 10
Last Commit Apr 5, 2020

A Bootstrap theme tweaked for Jekyll :heart:

panthera-jekyll screenshot


Github Stars 19
Last Commit Aug 1, 2020

A quick and simple responsive developer portfolio theme for jekyll sites and GitHub Pages.

LOFFER screenshot


Github Stars 368
Last Commit Feb 28, 2021

博客主题 A forkable Jekyll theme with Chinese UI and document

wu-kan screenshot


Github Stars 220
Last Commit Jan 27, 2024

A content-first, sliding sidebar theme for Jekyll.

portfolYOU screenshot


Github Stars 896
Last Commit Sep 19, 2023

A beautiful portfolio Jekyll theme that works with GitHub Pages.

Mundana Jekyll Theme screenshot

Mundana Jekyll Theme

Github Stars 693
Last Commit Oct 31, 2021

Mundana is a free Jekyll theme, Medium styled.

Chirpy screenshot


Github Stars 5697
Last Commit Feb 3, 2024

A Jekyll theme with responsive web design that focuses on text presentation.

Automatic screenshot


Github Stars 3263
Last Commit Apr 27, 2023

A Jekyll theme for automatically generating and deploying landing page sites for mobile …

Nangka Theme screenshot

Nangka Theme

Github Stars 9
Last Commit Feb 25, 2021

nangka-jekyll-theme #rmsu

True Minimal screenshot

True Minimal

Github Stars 68
Last Commit Dec 29, 2019

Minimal and ascetic theme for jekyll

Hitchens screenshot


Github Stars 315
Last Commit Oct 1, 2020

An inarguably well-designed Jekyll theme. View the demo at

Ubuild Jekyll screenshot

Ubuild Jekyll

Github Stars 273
Last Commit Jul 13, 2021

A Jekyll theme designed to work with Forestry Blocks

HardCandy-Jekyll screenshot


Github Stars 219
Last Commit May 29, 2019

一款清新 糖果色🍬 的 ‘Jekyll’ 主题。A candy-colored 🍬 ‘Jekyll’ theme.