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Journal screenshot


Github Stars 74
Last Commit Apr 2, 2021

Minimalist theme for gohugo

Hugo-Classic screenshot


Github Stars 136
Last Commit Apr 15, 2024

A simple and text-centric theme for

XMag screenshot


Github Stars 96
Last Commit May 20, 2024

A minimal magazine theme for Hugo

XMin screenshot


Github Stars 733
Last Commit May 24, 2024

eXtremely Minimal Hugo theme: about 150 lines of code in total, including HTML and CSS …

Slate screenshot


Github Stars 148
Last Commit Jul 2, 2021

a single-page speed-dial theme for Hugo

Minimo screenshot


Github Stars 548
Last Commit Jan 1, 2023

Minimo - Minimalist theme for Hugo

Osprey screenshot


Github Stars 186
Last Commit Dec 9, 2019

Simple, clean, and fast one-page Hugo portfolio theme accompanied by a blog

Kube Hugo screenshot

Kube Hugo

Github Stars 404
Last Commit Oct 6, 2022

Kube is a professional and a responsive Hugo theme for developers and designers that …

Introduction screenshot


Github Stars 664
Last Commit Apr 14, 2024

Minimal, single page, smooth-scrolling theme for Hugo.

Zen screenshot


Github Stars 263
Last Commit Jun 16, 2024

A fast and clean Hugo theme with css-grid and Hugo pipes support.

Gohugo Amp screenshot

Gohugo Amp

Github Stars 220
Last Commit Jul 4, 2018

⚡ AMP starter theme for gohugo

Goa screenshot


Github Stars 263
Last Commit Feb 20, 2024

Simple Minimalistic Theme for Hugo

Hugo Bootstrap v4 Blog screenshot

Hugo Bootstrap v4 Blog

Github Stars 203
Last Commit Jul 29, 2022

A blogging-centric Bootstrap v4 theme for the Hugo static site generator.

Paperback screenshot


Github Stars 43
Last Commit Apr 2, 2021

Theme for Hugo static website engine

Dgraph screenshot


Github Stars 22
Last Commit Jul 17, 2023

Hugo theme used for our blog

Hugo Tranquilpeak screenshot

Hugo Tranquilpeak

Github Stars 918
Last Commit Aug 21, 2022

A gorgeous responsive theme for Hugo blog framework

Hugo Learn Theme screenshot

Hugo Learn Theme

Github Stars 1595
Last Commit Jan 4, 2024

Porting Grav Learn theme to Hugo

Beautiful Hugo screenshot

Beautiful Hugo

Github Stars 1115
Last Commit Jun 8, 2024

Theme for the Hugo static website generator