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Limp Dark screenshot

Limp Dark

Github Stars 1
Last Commit Dec 3, 2020

A Lightning fast dark jekyll blog theme

Eureka screenshot


Github Stars 841
Last Commit Jul 23, 2022

Eureka is a feature-rich and highly customizable Hugo theme.

Dumbarton screenshot


Github Stars 52
Last Commit Mar 2, 2021

A Jekyll theme designed for academics, powered by Bootstrap

Hugo-profile screenshot


Github Stars 425
Last Commit Aug 8, 2023

The fastest Hugo theme for personal portfolio and blog.

Vredeburg screenshot


A simple starter project to create a blog using Eleventy and Tailwind CSS

Minima screenshot


Github Stars 191
Last Commit Apr 2, 2022

An undoubtedly simple and lightweight dark/light mode theme for Hexo

Gatsby Nice Blog screenshot

Gatsby Nice Blog

Github Stars 28
Last Commit Jan 1, 2021

A nice starter gatsby blog post template with

Clarity screenshot


Github Stars 515
Last Commit Apr 11, 2023

A technology-minded theme for Hugo based on VMware's open-source Clarity Design System …

Neat Starter screenshot

Neat Starter

Github Stars 292
Last Commit Jun 20, 2022

Starter Template for Netlify CMS, Eleventy, Alpine JS & Tailwind CSS

Not Pure Poole screenshot

Not Pure Poole

Github Stars 89
Last Commit Oct 8, 2020

A simple, beautiful, and powerful Jekyll theme for blogs

devlopr-jekyll screenshot


Github Stars 606
Last Commit Feb 7, 2023

A Jekyll Theme built for Developers and Software Engineers, Dark Mode Supported

Lines screenshot


Github Stars 71
Last Commit Jul 31, 2022

Minimalistic and clean Hugo blogging theme.

Yet Another Theme (YAT) screenshot

Yet Another Theme (YAT)

Github Stars 732
Last Commit Aug 8, 2023

🎨 Yet another theme for elegant writers with modern flat style.

11r screenshot


Github Stars 139
Last Commit Jun 24, 2022

A blog template and theme using 11ty, TailwindCSS, Rollup, Prism syntax highlighting, etc.

Lone Wolf Theme screenshot

Lone Wolf Theme

Github Stars 17
Last Commit Aug 7, 2023

A simple bootstrap based jekyll theme.

Bulma Clean Theme screenshot

Bulma Clean Theme

Github Stars 348
Last Commit Jun 12, 2023

A clean and simple Jekyll theme built with the Bulma CSS framework providing a variety of …