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Watery screenshot


Github Stars 7
Last Commit Aug 28, 2021

A minimalist, bare-bones theme for Jekyll only using the Water.css framework while still …

Purelog screenshot


Github Stars 13
Last Commit Feb 4, 2022

A responsive sidebar Jekyll theme using the Pure.css framework, designed for writers and …

Hydure screenshot


Github Stars 28
Last Commit Sep 4, 2021

A concise two-column blog theme for Jekyll.

Gatsby Starter Glass screenshot

Gatsby Starter Glass

Github Stars 101
Last Commit Nov 30, 2021

A Minimal & Beautiful GatsbyJS Personal Blog Starter With Nice Glassmorphism UI

Eleventy + Stylus Blog Theme - Purple screenshot

Eleventy + Stylus Blog Theme - Purple

Github Stars 26
Last Commit May 19, 2021

A nice-looking, mobile-first and dark theme friendly blog theme built with Eleventy SSG …

Gradfolio screenshot


Github Stars 67
Last Commit Oct 18, 2021

responsive, dark-mode ready Jekyll theme designed for use as a personal website and …

Pudhina Fresh screenshot

Pudhina Fresh

Github Stars 48
Last Commit Jan 18, 2022

A minimal yet feature-rich Jekyll theme made for personal websites and blogs.

Eleventy Duo screenshot

Eleventy Duo

Github Stars 110
Last Commit Oct 17, 2021

Eleventy Duo is a minimal and beautiful Eleventy theme for personal blogs.

Moonwalk screenshot


Github Stars 89
Last Commit Feb 3, 2022

Moonwalk is a lightweight, fast and elegant Jekyll theme with a clean dark mode; perfect …

Scully Starter Kontent Lumen screenshot

Scully Starter Kontent Lumen

Github Stars 2
Last Commit Nov 5, 2020

Minimal, lightweight, and mobile-first starter for creating blogs using Scully and Kentico …

Memoirs Statiq Kontent Theme screenshot

Memoirs Statiq Kontent Theme

Github Stars 6
Last Commit Nov 18, 2021

Full featured theme for Kontent and Statiq using Kontent.Statiq module.

Jekyll Kontent Blog screenshot

Jekyll Kontent Blog

Github Stars 0
Last Commit Mar 24, 2021

Sample blog website built using Kentico Kontent as a content repository.

Gridsome Kontent Lumen screenshot

Gridsome Kontent Lumen

Github Stars 7
Last Commit Oct 5, 2020

Lumen is a minimal, lightweight and mobile-first starter for creating blogs using …

Dumbarton screenshot


Github Stars 27
Last Commit Mar 2, 2021

A Jekyll theme designed for academics, powered by Bootstrap